Kair Smart Fan

Kair Smart Fan

Kair Smart 100mm Smart Fan

  • 100mm (4inch) extractor fan
  • Constant flow sensor
  • Humidistat, pullcord, timer, night time delay and constant flow sensor
  • Daily run monitor – Records overall usage time of fan
  • Very low maintenance, installation and running fees
  • 5 year warranty


Compact and aesthetically pleasing, this continuously running extractor fan has inbuilt energy and noise reduction technologies to limit cost and noise disturbance, all whilst continuously removing stale, moist old air from the property.

A humidity sensor intelligently reacts to a sudden increase in air moisture levels, temporarily boosting the fan to extract at a faster rate. This reduces the humidity levels in your home, and prevents condensation and mould formation.

The unit is filterless as an extractor fan has no need to filter air being taken out of the property. As a result, this fan has the advantage of requiring no filter replacements, so there is less maintenance and the unit again saves you money, time and hassle.

The Kair Smart extractor fan has been created for the convenience of both homeowners and landlords alike. A busy household and an apartment full of tenants can function in much the same way, people cooking and showering at different times of the day creates a lot of condensation. This powerful but quiet extractor fan will effortlessly handle even the busiest of properties.

Suitable as a:

  • Bathroom extractor fan
  • Kitchen extractor fan
  • Toilet extractor fan

Features and Benefits:

  • Ceiling, window or wall mounted extractor fan to suit any installation type (window kits available).
  • Timers reduce night time activity – Prevents night time noise and saves energy
  • Humdistat measures moisture, only boosting the fan when required, saving energy
  • Cost effective due to low installation and maintenance costs, and energy saving technology.
  • Smart measuring of usage of fans
  • Options for wall, ceiling or window mounting as required
  • Quiet and aesthetically pleasing

Why Choose the Kair Smart Fan?

Very few extractor fans on the market can be described as “Smart”. The Kair Smart fan differs, it intelligently reacts to its environment, working almost autonomously because of its multiple sensors and the advanced technology associated with them.

Common activities increase the amount of moisture within a home, from washing machines, cooking or having a shower or bath.
It can also vary at any point through the day within a busy home or social housing situation due to peoples differing schedules and hygiene habits. This creates the perfect situation for mould to develop, as there is an abundance of warm and moist air in the property. There are also smells coming from the cooker that might be disagreeable to some of your family members or tenants.

The Smart fan has been specifically designed to cope with each type of environment it is placed into. The very low running costs and minimal maintenance make this the ideal fan for any busy property, or people looking for a simple, effective condensation solution that requires little to no monitoring.

Any mounting position to suit your needs

The Kair Smart fan can be ceiling, wall or window mounted to suit your preferences and seamlessly blend into the décor of your property.

A window kit (available separately) makes for a simple a speedy installation through any window in your property, allowing the option to still have an extractor fan when cutting through walls is not an option.

For ceiling or wall mounting, a 100mm (4inch) hole is either cut through the wall to the exterior of your property, or through the ceiling into the loft cavity. The fan can then be ducted straight through to the exterior or loft cavity with a simple external grille for more pleasing aesthetics.


  • 33dB sound levels at max speed (Ambient noise of a library)
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Up to 5 metre duct run
  • Airflow (l/s): Low 4, Medium 15, High 25.
  • Airflow (m3/h): Low 14.4, Medium 54, High 90.


PDF Downloads
Installation and Maintenance – CRE100HTP
Sound Level Chart – CRE100HTP