Kair Kalahari ECO Positive Input Ventilation Loft Unit with Heater

Kair Kalahari – KWH150-ECO-HEAT-HCS PIV Whole House Ventilation Unit with Heater

Kair Kalahari

Kair Kalahari PIV Unit

The Kair Kalahari loft controlled Positive Input ventilation or “PIV” unit, makes condensation and mould build-up a problem of the past.

A single loft installed unit can quickly and effectively rid an entire home of excess humidity whilst simultaneously drawing in fresh air that has passed through high-grade G4 filters.

Perfect for new build properties!

New build properties are built with energy-saving and heat retention in mind and are built with as few gaps as possible to decrease heat loss, however, this negatively impacts the properties’ ability to “breathe”, which means the property has little to no fresh air passing through it as older buildings do.

Whilst excellent for saving on heating bills, a lack of fresh air means stale, warm and moisture-laden air builds up in your home and will settle on colder parts of the building, such as window frames and some walls.

This is the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow, which is why mould growth has become a much bigger problem in new builds. Exposure to mould spores over time can lead to respiratory illnesses, so eliminating mould and condensation from your property is a must!


Integrated 400w Heater

This heating component will temper the air which is distributed through the property via the ceiling diffuser, thus ensuring a comfortable living environment. This pioneering design sees the low watt heater (400w) react efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing an economically friendly product.

A temperature sensor on the outside of the unit monitors and controls the heater output to maintain the set point. The set point ranges from 5° to 15° and can be adjusted from the ceiling diffuser. If the temperature at the heater outlet is above the set point, the heater will not activate.

Whole House Ventilation Unit from Kair

No need to open windows

The most common solution to condensation in new-build properties is to open the windows, this, of course, lets out a great deal of heat, increasing your central heating bills. A PIV unit such as the Kalahari gently increases the pressure from the roof down, which forces air out of any very small holes that cannot be prevented (such as gaps between doors etc.

This supplies fresh air to every room of the house whilst forcing out the moisture-laden air out of the property without the need to open any windows. This retains the heat you have paid for and increases the comfort of your home. This supplies fresh air to every room of the house whilst forcing out the moisture-laden air out of the property without the need to open any windows. This retains the heat you have paid for and increases the comfort of your home.

Low noise and easy installation

The low noise of a functioning Kalahari unit becomes almost imperceivable when mounted within a loft cavity. The ability to hang the unit from a roof beam removes the possibility of vibrations being heard through the beams, creating a high-powered PIV unit that remains incredibly quiet.

Low running costs

You may be concerned that running a unit 24 hours a day will incur large running fees, however, the unit only costs between 5-10p per day to run (depending on your supplier). When compared to the costs of less efficient extractor fans, this is a very small amount.

Why choose the Kair Kalahari?

  • Condensation control from a single unit
  • Discreet ceiling mounted diffuser
  • Very low perceivable noise due to installation within loft cavity
  • Replaces stale moisture laden air with dry, filtered air

Energy Saving

Energy-saving is not only important for the environment but also our wallets, as wasted energy means wasted money.

The Kalahari unit makes use of solar gain which allows the unit to make use of the warmer air within the loft cavity. This air will be drawn into the home after being filtered, so warmer air will be passed into the property. This reduces the “chill” on the air introduced into the property.

Not needing to turn up your central heating to take fresh air into account can add up to large savings over the course of a year.

“Set and forget” functionality

Controls for the unit are situated on the unit itself and speed settings etc can be manually adjusted as required, however, once an ideal setting is found for your property, there will be little need to alter these. Maintenance of the unit will be minimal, and the only reason you should need to go back to the unit once set up would be to clean or replace the filters. Filters should be cleaned (vacuumed) once every few months and only need to be fully replaced once every 5 years, so very little maintenance is required on this unit.


Airflow (l/s) – Low 10
Airflow (l/s) – High 60
Length (mm) 820
Width (mm) 338
Height (mm) 341
Power Min (Watts) 1.6
Power Max (Watts) 15.3
Weight (Kg) 4.5